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About Us

Darryl Quimby

QFG Wealth Management

Since 1989 I have been providing my clients with the most comprehensive financial service products available in Canada today. We truly are 'Better Than a Bank' and 'Your One Stop Shop Since 1989.' At QFG Wealth Management, we provide a unique opportunity for all of our clients’ to have all of their insurance, mortgage, income tax and bookkeeping needs serviced by one team of respected and professional individuals.

I value a client’s trust above everything else and once a client makes a decision to work with me, I continuously work hard to deserve their trust.

I am proud of my accomplishments and the long list of services that we provide including having the designation of Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), representing VFIS and over 300 firefighters in Essex County, Canada Revenue Agency Efile Agent, and Acceptance Agent for the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service United States Government.

My primary goal is to ensure that all key aspects of each and every client’s financial security is addressed in a manner consistent with all professional standards and practices.